About us

About us

At Unique Onyx, we are a team of three. Yes, three professional guys, three project managers: the first a marble worker, the second a stonemason, the third a business economics specialist. Three men. Three men to help you. — We have a triple-threat technical background coupled with our technological knowledge stemming from our solid respective experiences within different sectors, including marble work and its various subtle trades, as well as construction and industry. Complete with complex knowledge acquired within companies such as Grand SA in Bulle and Kaiser SA in Delémont, a centenarian Swiss marble company and now one of our special partners.

David Gay des Combes,
Associate director, from Valais, 32 years old and a marble worker.


Dimitri Schrepfer,
Associate, from the Jura,
31 years old and a business economics specialist.


Marc Kaiser,
Associate, from the Jura, 27 years old and a stonemason.

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