Each stone is unique. Because each project is unique. Unique, like you. Unique Onyx is a Swiss company specialised in high-end marble masonry. — From choosing the stone to installation, alongside selecting the stone at the quarry, the plans and technical drawings, Unique Onyx enhances its stone to make it a work of art. Your work of art. Because each piece of work is unique. — Created by three Swiss entrepreneurs and based in Vernayaz, Valais, Unique Onyx has a technical office and a showroom which lets customers, architects and other construction and design professionals see (and touch!) some of the most beautiful natural stone on the market

About us

About us

At Unique Onyx,
we look for uniqueness in the block and from there create a solid rock.

Our projects

Technique and knowledge

Vert d’Evolène, Vert des Glaciers, Pierre de Saxon, Verde Andeer, San Bernardino, Calcaire du Jura (N.B. all from our local area!) , Patagonia, Mont-Blanc, Taj Mahal and Azul Macauba quartzite, Carrara and Macchia Vecchia marble… — This is stone. Sometimes it comes from far away, sometimes it simply crumbles from the mountain opposite. And sometimes it is simply there, under our feet. Where it comes from doesn’t really matter: whether it is from Italy, the Amazon or Switzerland — like us — Unique Onyx will pay homage to the stone’s natural size to the finish, from the early stages of your project until it is fully realized, for you. Marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, onyx. Or onyx, quartzite, limestone, granite, marble? For bathrooms, spas, groundwork, work surfaces, bars...? ... For everything. Yes, for whatever you like! The only rule: bring your visions to life. Your unique visions. At Unique Onyx, we select, design, cut, sand, model and enhance. Then we install, adapt, care and maintain.

With you:
We look for the stone. 
We select the piece.
We assess the quality at each stage of production. 
We install everything.
Then we ensure that our stone,
your stone, is maintained and built to last.

Contact us

Unique Onyx sàrl, 

Route de la Cascade 1, 1904 Vernayaz,

+41 79 504 50 94 



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